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Ice Smashing

Don't Just Pin It - DO it!
One of my favorite aspects of pinterest is access to fun ideas for activities for my kiddos. I like activities that are simple to set up, cheap, and fun for my boys. I had seen this pin for a huge ice block a while ago, and saved it up for the hot days of Texas summer. Since the temperature broke 100 this week, I decided to create one of my own. I basically followed her directions, except I took a few days to make the enormous ice cube, just adding water and little bugs and animals whenever I thought about it. One afternoon we were playing outside, and the boys started complaining about being hot, so I grabbed the ice block from the freezer, ran some warm water over it to pop it out of the container, and took it outside.
IMG_7063Hammers were procured and the boys went to town!
IMG_7067 IMG_7068It didn’t last very long, but they had a lot of fun whacking the ice and finding the treasures inside.
IMG_7077 IMG_7074We will for sure do this again! It’s basically free, so easy to set up, and the mess is outside! Best of all, my boys enjoyed it so much! Of course, they like anything that involves hammers and smashing stuff, and the ice is good for cooling off.

{5} Years


My first son turned FIVE this week! I can’t believe it’s been five years since we went into the hospital as a couple and came out parents. Five years since I was shocked that they would let me go home with that little life, five years that we’ve been learning how to be a family together, five years of seeing the Lord growing Luke from a tiny baby into a strong, smart, funny boy.


We were so blessed to get to celebrate this birthday with family and friends! Luke really enjoys the Richard Scarry Busytown books, so we had a Busytown Birthday. I had so much fun setting it up for him!

IMG_7102 IMG_7100We had animal masks for the boys and their friends, along with birthday bunting, a cardboard and peg people Busytown, and a sneaky Goldbug hiding all over the house.

IMG_7114Luke and his friends played outside. Turns out soccer is even better with animal masks! IMG_7107 They colored and hunted Goldbug, and laughed and enjoyed hotdogs and dirt cake. We are so very thankful for these young friends! We are also so thankful that Grammy and Grandpa got to come celebrate with us. What a blessing to get to share our joy together!

IMG_7116Grandaddy and Mumsi skyped from across the ocean to wish Luke a happy birthday, and he was so happy to talk to them, and very thankful for his new cowboy stuff!


IMG_7147Luke ended his birthday exploring his new legos and enjoying time with our family.


Luke is a wonderful big brother, he loves Levi and adores Anna. He is fast-moving and busy. He likes to be using his mind whether that’s in building something “ingenious” or doing a puzzle or learning letters and counting. He is certainly not lazy! He has been growing a lot recently in obeying and likes to help me with cleaning or putting away the dishes. He is a great memorizer! I’m always amazed at how quickly he can tuck something away in his memory! He loves spaghetti, his blankie, reading, working with Daddy, and going places or seeing friends.

Somehow, five seems like such a BIG number! Like my Luke is all of a sudden a big boy. It’s a hard reality to wrap my mind around, really. He is so precious to me, and it is such a joy to watch him learning and growing. I can get to caught up in the busy, and the crazy energy and the million questions that the days fly past, and all of sudden, he’s five and reading and riding a bike, and BIG! Some days and seasons have been really hard, but the Lord has been so gracious to bring us this far, and to teach our family so much of Himself, His forgiveness, and gracious provision!


Hide & Seek




We are praising the Lord today for a lovely rain shower. It started raining during the night, and continues on this morning. What a great blessing after this very dry summer! Luke couldn’t wait to get out in the rain; he had a great time just running and running through the drops. At least one of these pictures is fuzzy; it’s really difficult to get a good picture of a 3-year-old running as hard as he can. Levi and I enjoyed watching and being able to feel the fresh air without getting sweaty.




Luke loves to do “projecks” with me, so this week we’ve had out some fingerpaints. He enjoys mixing the colors and the messiness of using his fingers.

My little man has produced dozens of masterpieces. I’ve really loved seeing what he makes! This is my favorite painting so far.

I was thinking of making homemade fingerpaints, but all the recipes use food coloring. Does anyone know if it will stain after it’s been heated and cooled?

This Kid is Cracking Me Up


Just some pictures of the funny moments in our days recently.

Palm Sunday


The boys and I all have colds so we stayed away from our Sunday worship gathering yesterday. I had grand plans of sweet time with Luke in the morning reading the Scripture passages that teach us of Palm Sunday, and doing a little craft. Instead, we spent an hour battling over his breakfast. But after resolving that, and a little bit of down time, we did proceed to celebrate Palm Sunday together. I’m so thankful that the Lord has given me time to spend with my little guys, especially to enjoy God’s grace to us together.

We’ve been reading Easter story books all through Lent, so I just read straight from my Bible the passage in Matthew and Mark that tell of Jesus humbly entering Jerusalem and the crowds gathered around them. Luke wanted to draw a donkey, so we did that. I drew one for him to copy, and I am so proud of how well he did drawing the donkey (I helped with the head).

Luke loves to cut, so we made some palm branches from green construction paper and had a parade for Jesus. That was super fun, marching around the house and shouting “Hosanna!” together.

Later that evening, after lunch and naps, we made our Easter mountain. All growing up, my family made mud sculptures, and this is a way to carry on that tradition with a little twist to make it our own. Mud is not as easily available here as clay, and it’s much more messy… We had a good time working on it all together.

At least until I set off the smoke alarm while we were baking it. I’m really good at that: setting off the smoke alarm!  Anyway, with the Easter mountain, we’ll get to act out much of the story of the week leading up the Jesus death and resurrection. I’m really excited about this tangible way to explain this crucial story to Luke. We made pipe cleaner people, and little props like palm branches and paper coins. So far we’ve acted out the triumphal entry and Jesus cleansing the temple.