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60. Baby lips and slobbers

61. Mad chaos all over the floor, signs of my boys playing

62. The concentrating face

63. A hundred sisters singing praises to Jesus

64. A much-needed retreat in the midst of a busy season

65. A husband who gladly cares for boys so mama can retreat

66. Seeing the value of the Holy God from others who are suffering and grieving

67. Silly brothers, welcoming their mama home with smiles






53. Reading good books

54. Encouraging, helpful, hope-filled conversation

55. Levi’s goos and coos

56. steam swirling up from my cuppa

57. that I didn’t catch the house on fire when I lit the burner under the wrong pot

58. comfy cosy clothes

59. getting to see grace walked out



I’m not going to be posting the rest of this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to return to posting more regularly next week so check back Monday or Tuesday.

For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel,
“In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.
~ Isaiah 30:15



46. Godly, wise older women who speak the truth in love

47. Hot chocolate and cuddles with my buddy

48. Hearing lots of laughter and walking in to see my guys playing together

49. Homemade blueberry pancakes on a cold morning

50. A creative, funny imagination that reminds me of the Creator

51. A few quiet moments

52. Grace and wisdom for parenting from the true Father



38. This sister, who willingly came to take care of a toddler and his sick mama

39. My sweet, beautiful niece, and her joyful first year of life

40. This wonderful mother-in-law and getting to visit with her this weekend

41. A decaf mocha waiting for me when I got up on Saturday

42. Luke’s excitement over God’s amazing creation

43. Getting to see God answer prayers, and work through my husband

44. Returning health and energy

45. Cooler weather, and rain, and humid mornings that feel like an African rainy season

Little Friends


I’ve been so blessed to get to watch Luke growing and making friends with other toddlers. I’m so thankful that we’re part of a community where there are lots of little friends for him. He enjoys his friends so much, and asks for them all the time. As well as being fun, playing with other toddlers provides lots of opportunities to teach him the right ways to interact (especially sharing, taking turns, and thinking about how to make our friends happy).

We’ve gotten to go to birthday parties:

The splash pad:

Have friends over:

(Ignore Luke’s frowny face, he just didn’t want me to take a picture.)

And play outside:

Wee Prayers


Last night, when he was going to bed, my little buddy wanted to “Hold you, Mama” and pray. This is what he said:

“Thank You, God… Daddy!
Thank You, God… Mama!
Thank You, God… Rainbow!
Thank You, God… Cross!
Thank You, God.. Bible!
Thank You, God… Daddy!
Thank you, God… Mama!”

Then we said Amen and he went to sleep. I loved the opportunity to see his sweet little heart and to hear that our teaching and modeling love and thankfulness for Jesus and each other is sinking in.