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This Kid is Cracking Me Up


Just some pictures of the funny moments in our days recently.


Week in Pictures


So, life is a little busy around here these days. I don’t have much time for crafting or reading or extra fun stuff, much less blogging about it. But I did want to share a few quick pictures of our days with you!

1) Gift sewing     2) Fun with my family     3) Walks in the gorgeous weather     
4) Hanging out with this cutie     5) First tomatoes     6) Daddy cuddles 

Levi Eats



Levi just started eating solid foods, and he really seems to like it. He makes some hilarious and expressive faces while he’s eating.

20110413-035530.jpg “Yay, food!”

“Bite! Bite! Bite!”

“Oooo, I can blow bubbles with this stuff”

20110413-035802.jpg “No more food is going in this mouth.”

“I think I’ll eat this bib instead!”


Snow … Week!? 1


Really, I am still in a state of surprise over all the winter weather we’ve had this past week. Usually, if we even get snow, AND it sticks, it melts the next day. Not so this week! A snow/ice storm came in Monday night, was added to on Friday, and is only melting today.

I love the way the snow looked on the trees! This is from Friday, when we got more snow on top of the already snowy and icy ground.

We played outside a couple of times during the week, but most of the time, it was just toooo cold, windy, and the ground was mostly ice instead of snow – not that fun for playing in. We did play outside with one of Luke’s little friends, and they got to “sled” in our laundry hamper, aided by some pushing from their daddies. Luke loved that!

I don’t think either of them remember the snow from last year very much, so they were really interested in the powdery white stuff. It didn’t stick together very well, so we weren’t able to build a snow man, or even throw very good snow balls, but we still had a good time.

Luke was very concerned about our car being stuck in the ice. Bret tried to get out on Thursday, but couldn’t, and Luke kept standing and looking at the car when we went outside on Friday.

You know it’s time to go inside when your toddler looks like this and says, “Mama, my face hurts.”

On Friday afternoon, we HAD to have a few groceries, and our car was still stuck, so I walked down to a little neighborhood store and got us a few things. Here I am, all geared up for my great snow adventure.

What you can’t see are the tights, 3 shirts, several socks…. I ended up enjoying the walk; the snow was beautiful, it wasn’t too cold while I was walking, and it was just nice to get out of the house for bit.

It’s 2011?!?


I can’t believe it! I feel like I’m dashing through life cooking and washing dishes and playing with boys and cleaning and calling friends and serving others and loving God’s people and reading and crafting and somehow a year passes! How does that happen? Even my new year’s post is a week late! 🙂

This year has been crazy and intense and joyful and BUSY! Luke turned two, we added another son to our family, Bret worked and did school and served our church, and I… did all of those things listed above.

This is our little family at the beginning of this new year. I am so thankful to get to experience life with these guys!

At the new year, it’s easy for me to want to commit to a whole bunch of new, good habits: exercise often, read the Bible in a year, have a good routine with the boys…. and it goes on and on. And I’m usually not very good at sticking with any of those things; life with small children carries me away with it. So I’m not going to commit to blogging a certain number of times, but I really hope to be more consistent about blogging this year, partly because I enjoy it, partly for you, reader, and partly because it’s a good way to help our family remember.



I love watching Luke’s imagination grow and I love seeing his play-pretend. I think imagination is a great gift, and so enjoy the glimpses into his little boy head. Here are some recent happenings:

He asked for zebra for breakfast the other day, and informed me that there was one “out dere!” pointing to our yard. Today he told me that a zebra was running and jumping and getting in water, and then there were some penguins, too.

Yesterday, he made something out of his blocks that reminded him of a birthday cupcake, so he sang a version of Happy Birthday to his monkeys, and had them blow out the candle before pretending to eat the “cupcake.”

I didn’t see this, but Bret took pictures. Luke loves to eat teddy grahams with whipped cream, so sometimes he and Bret will have that as a treat. Bret stuck a teddy graham in the whipped cream, like this:

And Luke exclaimed, “Help him! Help him!” And proceeded to rescue the teddy graham… into his mouth. Apparently, this is how all the rest of that evenings treat got eaten, much to Luke’s delight.