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O, My Poor Neglected Blog

  • I am rejoicing that Levi David was born on October 18 at 6:17 in the morning. We got to the hospital at 4:45, which made for a very interesting birth, and a funny story, but, thankfully, everyone is doing great. He weighed 9 lbs, 1 oz and was 22 in long. And he’s pretty adorable. I’m so enjoying his sweet little self.
  • We’re already out of newborn diapers and using size ones. The kid is only a week old!
  • He’s eating and sleeping like a champ, which, by God’s grace, is making this transition easier for than I thought it would be.
  • Luke likes having a little brother, and is adjusting to having to share Mama and Daddy. He wants to hold, kiss, and share with Levi, which just melts my heart. 
  • Luke got to “drive” a small excavator this morning. I think that just about made his week.

A Fun Week


Luke and I have had a very fun week last week. It was a good balance of going out, having friends over, and playing quietly at home.

We read some books:
DSCN4263 by you.
This is Luke “reading” my Bible, cuddled up in the quilt Grammie made for him.

We played outside:
DSCN4267 by you.

DSCN4268 by you.

We went on an outing:
DSCN4278 by you.

DSCN4279 by you.
We went to the library for story time, to the farmer’s market, and to Joann’s. Bret was writing a paper, so we tried to spend the day out of the house and let him have some peace and quiet. We had a great time! Luke loved story time, and picked out several books at the library. At the farmer’s market, he was really interested in the papaya squash, so the lady gave one to him, and he happily talked to it the rest of the day.

We cooked together:
DSCN4280 by you.
Luke loves to stand on the stool and “help Mama” in the kitchen. He really likes to hold a spoon and play like he’s doing whatever I’m doing. It’s so fun to have him right there with me.

We had visitors:
DSCN4286 by you.
Auntie Ruthie and Uncle Stephen came over and brought homemade ice cream. Luke loves his auntie and uncle, and we had a great time together.

Book Review~ Shepherding a Child’s Heart


I am a voracious reader; I consume books quite quickly. I’m going to try to review what I read more often, and not just the books I receive for free in exchange for reviewing them. I’m a pretty eclectic reader, so you’ll find lots of different kinds of books, if I can actually keep up with what I’m reading.

Shepherding a Child's Heart

I just finished Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp. It is fantastic! There are many parenting books out there, and many different methods that claim to be the best way to raise your child. This book is not a method, but a biblical approach to parenting.  I would say that Tripp’s main point is that “The heart is the wellspring of life. Therefore, parenting is concerned with shepherding the heart. You must learn to work from the behavior you see, back to the heart, exposing heart issues for your children. In short, you must learn to engage them, not just reprove them. Help them see the ways that they are trying to slake their souls’ thirst with that which cannot satisfy. You must help your kids gain a clear focus on the cross of Christ.” 

The first few chapters were very convicting to me, as a person with a sinful heart myself. If I’m going to address Luke’s heart when I’m training and disciplining him, I have to have examined my own heart beforehand. And my heart is dreadfully wicked; I don’t like to look there. Tripp’s writing had me examining authority in parenting, my goals for Luke and our family, the methods used to produce those goals, and Christ-centered communication in the family. While I was convicted, I was also encouraged that, through the help of the Spirit and God’s grace, my wicked heart can be cleansed and this weak vessel can be used to raise up a man who loves the Lord. 

The second section of the book takes the reader through the different stages of childhood, setting forth biblical goals for each stage and providing insightful, gospel-centered advice for accomplishing them.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shepherding a Child’s Heart to all parents, and especially my friends who are just beginning their families. I’m so thankful that the Lord led me to this book when Luke is still little.

Luke got a haircut!


Luke had his first real, complete haircut. Awhile ago, I posted his very first haircut of any kind. That was just a trim around the back of his neck and ears. This was a full-out cutting of hair involving clippers, the booster seat, and the bathtub.

DSCN3812 by you.

DSCN3814 by you.

DSCN3815 by you.

Luke did really well. He just sat in the little chair, played with toys, and looked around. He wasn’t concerned at least with the big thing buzzing around his head. Bret and I, on the other hand, were just a bit sad. He looks like such a big boy now! I think it hit us both hat he is not ours, but the Lord’s, and our time with him is short and fleeting fast. We’re praying that we make the most of it by faithfully teaching him of God and truth, and training him in righteousness.

DSCN3817 by you.

I think he looks awfully handsome, though!

Gifts, gifts, gifts! Part deux


The other gift I’ve been creating is for my sweet friend and her baby girl on the way. I have loved making this little set. It’s all made from Caron Simply Soft Eco.

DSCN3805 by you.

This hat is knitted and the pattern can be found for free here. This is my first completed knitting in the round project, and I’m glad that it turned out. I just love the little leaves on the top.

DSCN3806 by you.

This blanket is a pattern from Crochet Today! Nov/Dec 2008. I bought the magazine because I really liked this pattern. Then, I went and changed everything except the stitch pattern. Makes perfect sense, right? I couldn’t find the yarn called for, so I changed the yarn and the hook size, and I also increased how many repeats there were in each row and made it longer.

DSCN3803 by you.

These are another pair of booties from my made-up pattern. I think they turned out really cute; I like the different color sole.

DSCN3809 by you.

I had a great time making girly things, and I can’t wait to see the sweet baby these are meant for.

Using Technology for Good


I took a little break from the internet, except for emails that Bret said I needed to read, because I can easily spend way to much time on the internet, neglecting work around the houseor even hobbies in mindless web surfing. Recently, however, I’ve come across two websites that have been particularly encouraging to me.

The first site is a blog written by a very thoughtful, intentional, Christ-seeking woman. She is a expressive, poignant, artist writer, and my heart has been stirred as I read of her daily journey with God. Click here to go and be provoked to muse over what it means to live in the presence of the Almighty God.

The other fruitful use of technology I’ve been enjoying is a podcast by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This is her website, and here’s a link directly to the podcast. I’ve really been encouraged and convicted as I listen to her teach God’s Word. Each podcast is about half an hour long, so I can listen to them while I’m making dinner or ironing. This is a good way for me to hear Christ-centered teaching as I care for my son and husband.

Also, the girltalk bloggers have been doing a series on living to the glory of God as a young mother, which is especially relevant to me right now. There’s a link to their site on the sidebar. I’ve found their book recommendations really helpful.

Family Visits


We’ve had a great time lately with family coming in to visit. Luke loves all the attention he gets, and I enjoy watching him interact and play with our family. Its so great to know that these people love him and care about him, and even more so, that they love Jesus, and will help us teach Luke about him.

First, Auntie Ruthie and Uncle (to-be) Stephen came and spent the weekend with us.

DSCN3508 by you.

Uncle Stephen and Auntie Ruthie with their little nephew.

DSCN3509 by you.

Luke was very interested in our coffee, but he only got to have water.

Then, right after they left, Bret’s parents came to visit.

DSCN3515 by you.

They read stories…

DSCN3523 by you.

tried on Grandpa’s boots…

DSCN3529 by you.

played in the grass…

DSCN3534 by you.

went fishing…

DSCN3536 by you.

and cuddled.

I am constantly thankful for the family that the Lord has given me, and grateful that they are loving, helpful, and fun to be with. I know that not everyone counts visits from the in-laws, or even siblings as a blessing, but my family makes it easy for me to enjoy having them here. What a great blessing!