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T – 26 days, or Nesting to the Max


I can’t believe little Levi is due in 26 days! Lots has been going on, and the nesting is out of control in our household, so here’s an update in the form of a bulleted list.

  • I have made double batches of several meals to freeze, and over the weekend and yesterday made 8 pans of sweet rolls, 6 of which are in the freezer. Half of them are cinnamon rolls, and half of them are chocolate chip rolls, mmmm!
  • Bret worked very hard, and got the drawers installed on Luke’s bed! Yay for so much more storage! He still is going to make drawer faces, with pulls and everything, but I’m just excited that the drawers are useable!
  • All of Luke’s clothes are now in these drawers, and so I spent quite a while organizing Luke’s clothes and then putting all of the tiny baby stuff for Levi in the dresser. So cute! I love it. There’s going to be a tiny person here soon to wear those clothes!



I finished a couple of projects for Baby Levi! This is his blankie. I crocheted one for Luke, when I was pregnant with him, which didn’t get used very often, because summer in Texas negates any need for a blankie. But Levi, being a fall baby, hopefully will get to use this one a lot. I had a great time making this! I love the colors, and I loved getting to play with each hexagon. I picked the colors as I went, just choosing whatever I wanted, and that was fun! I used this pattern for the hexagons, and I loved joining them together as I went. Well, I really loved not having to sew them together at the end.

The next two projects are a matching hat and sweater that are a little bigger than the tiny green sweater. I’m super pleased with these, too.

Both the hat and sweater are free patterns (don’t ya love the interwebs?). I love the grey and red together, too! Both of these were simple to knit, and I didn’t have any of my usual knitting drama. It’s nice, too, because baby clothes knit pretty quickly because they’re so small. I can’t wait to see my new little man in this outfit in the winter.

I love getting to take the time to hand-craft for my sons. It gives me concentrated time to pray for them, to thank God for them, and to rejoice in His good gifts to me. I also hope it helps them know that Mama loves them and that I’m glad to spend myself for their good.

Prego Progress


I haven’t written much about this pregnancy on the blog, mostly because there’s a two year-old running around, looking cute and doing funny things that I want to share with y’all. But we went in yesterday for the 32 week check-up and sonogram, so I thought I’d tell y’all what’s happening with little Levi. This is what I look like:

I definitely feel pregnant, and by the end of the day I’m pretty worn out.  Levi is doing great! He’s got 8 weeks of growing left to do and he already weighs almost FIVE pounds! On the sonogram, we got to see his sweet face, and his little arms, and are very confident that he is indeed a boy. He’s very active, and I get to feel him moving around a whole lot! He seems to respond especially to his daddy’s voice, which is so sweet to me. We’re so thankful to our Father for the gift of a healthy, growing baby boy.



Amazing as it is, I actually made something for the new baby. And it worked! I used this hat pattern to make this adorable, cable-y hat for my precious coming baby.

I love the way it turned out. The actual knitting of this hat was only about 1 day, but I had to start and rip it out once, so it took me a lot longer than that. I had to be very precise in counting rows, and I didn’t do that well the first try.  Besides that,  it sat in the closet for at least a week while I worked on this:

I am ridiculously excited about this work-in-progress! I’m using this pattern, a bunch of colors, and just creating and joining each hexagon as I go. There’s no set plan, but I think that’s part of what’s so fun. It feels kind of like playing with yarn, plus the added bonus that I get something pretty and useful at the end. I’m so excited to snuggle my little fall baby in this cozy blankie. I’ve been watching the World Cup, and this has been my soccer project. It’s fun, fairly mindless crocheting, and I’m just having the best time watching it come together. The picture is one week’s work.

It’s been so sweet to sit and craft and pray for my new little baby. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to Luke about his new baby brother coming. I think Luke wants the things I’m making, so I’ve gotten out the baby blankie I made for him and he has it in his crib now.

I’m Back!


I’m sorry, friends, that I’ve been away so long. I really enjoy blogging and I love communicating with you in the comments, but I just haven’t really made sitting down and writing a priority. Part of it is the time factor, part of it is that I haven’t had much to say, and part of it is that I got out of the habit. But I’m hoping to begin posting again more regularly.

Here’s a bit of an update:

  • Luke turned 2!

  • Although he’s beginning to exert his will, Luke is still a joyful, hilarious blessing! He loves to read, color, build with blocks, play in the water, fix with his tools, play his little keyboard, and take apart the couch to make houses.

  • We’ve been busy this summer with various family happenings and were blessed to get to see lots of my extended family.
  • I’m expecting our second son! Luke’s baby brother will be here around the middle of October. We’re excited and thankful for this new life.
  • I’ve been crafting for the new baby, but several things have been failures! A hat way to small, shoes that the pieces don’t fit together… so you may or may not get to see anything I make for this baby.
  • I finished War of Words by Paul David Tripp and can’t recommend it highly enough. Go read it now!
  • I’m not going to finish Teaching Them Young by Chuck Betters because it’s not really applicable to our family right now, and I didn’t agree with some of what he was teaching.
  • I’m excited to be blogging again! Look for some more posts coming soon.

Chronicles of a Prego Brain


This morning, as I was making myself a cup of decaf coffee, I had an attack of the dreaded prego brain! I’m happily measuring out coffee, INTO THE WATER RESERVOIR! This is obviously not where coffee goes. But then, in order to clean out the water-holding section of the coffee pot, I had to cram my huge belly under the counter to unplug the entire coffee maker. After performing this amazing feat with my pregnancy physique, I was able to clean out the water reservoir and actually make the coffee. I wonder though if it was really worth all that trouble.