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Crafty Secrets


Almost all the crafts I’m working on are gifts. So I don’t want to write very much about them right now. BUT, I will share some pictures. I’m really enjoying making all of these, and can’t wait to give them away!


Action Shots


Here are some pictures of a few of the things I made for Levi, actually being modeled by his cute little self. I love getting to cuddle him up in little gifts made with love just for him.

I don’t think I blogged about these booties. I made them right before Levi was born, with yarn left over from some ribbed socks I made for myself about a year ago. They were super quick and fun to knit, and look cu-ute, but they don’t stay on very well. I keep trying them on him to see if they’ll fit better, but they always fall off.

Here’s the baby cable hat! And here’s the hexagon blankie! I love both of these, and look forward to using them more as it continues to get colder.

He’s such a sweet, content baby and is bringing such happiness and enjoyment to our family. I’m so thankful for him.



I finished a couple of projects for Baby Levi! This is his blankie. I crocheted one for Luke, when I was pregnant with him, which didn’t get used very often, because summer in Texas negates any need for a blankie. But Levi, being a fall baby, hopefully will get to use this one a lot. I had a great time making this! I love the colors, and I loved getting to play with each hexagon. I picked the colors as I went, just choosing whatever I wanted, and that was fun! I used this pattern for the hexagons, and I loved joining them together as I went. Well, I really loved not having to sew them together at the end.

The next two projects are a matching hat and sweater that are a little bigger than the tiny green sweater. I’m super pleased with these, too.

Both the hat and sweater are free patterns (don’t ya love the interwebs?). I love the grey and red together, too! Both of these were simple to knit, and I didn’t have any of my usual knitting drama. It’s nice, too, because baby clothes knit pretty quickly because they’re so small. I can’t wait to see my new little man in this outfit in the winter.

I love getting to take the time to hand-craft for my sons. It gives me concentrated time to pray for them, to thank God for them, and to rejoice in His good gifts to me. I also hope it helps them know that Mama loves them and that I’m glad to spend myself for their good.



Amazing as it is, I actually made something for the new baby. And it worked! I used this hat pattern to make this adorable, cable-y hat for my precious coming baby.

I love the way it turned out. The actual knitting of this hat was only about 1 day, but I had to start and rip it out once, so it took me a lot longer than that. I had to be very precise in counting rows, and I didn’t do that well the first try.  Besides that,  it sat in the closet for at least a week while I worked on this:

I am ridiculously excited about this work-in-progress! I’m using this pattern, a bunch of colors, and just creating and joining each hexagon as I go. There’s no set plan, but I think that’s part of what’s so fun. It feels kind of like playing with yarn, plus the added bonus that I get something pretty and useful at the end. I’m so excited to snuggle my little fall baby in this cozy blankie. I’ve been watching the World Cup, and this has been my soccer project. It’s fun, fairly mindless crocheting, and I’m just having the best time watching it come together. The picture is one week’s work.

It’s been so sweet to sit and craft and pray for my new little baby. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to Luke about his new baby brother coming. I think Luke wants the things I’m making, so I’ve gotten out the baby blankie I made for him and he has it in his crib now.

In Which a Book and a Scarf Are Finished


I’m so excited! I finished two things today. This doesn’t happen too often in my life, with all the joyous, daily tasks that occupy my time (unless you count finishing the dishes or laundry.

The first is a knit scarf that I’ve been working on intermittently since August. It’s very simple, and made of just one skein, but I’ve made on lots of other things while it was still in progress. This beautiful alpaca yarn was given to me by some friends who raise the alpacas. Here’s their website and blog. Go check ’em out!

I loved knitting this, and I’m so excited to get to wear the scarf. I love the rich brown color, which is the natural color of the fleece. I also love the cables! This was my first time knitting cables, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out, and how fun it was to knit. Here’s what they look like up close.

I also finished reading Life in Christ: A Guide for Daily Living by John Stott. Bret suggested this book for my pre-bed reading, and I have enjoyed it immensely!

Life in Christ: A Guide for Daily Living

This book journeys through the different prepositions that are used in the New Testament to relate the Christian to Christ. Because of that, I expected Life in Christ to be somewhat academic, but it isn’t at all. Stott’s writing displays his love for Christ, his understanding of Jesus character and person, and his desire for all Christians to live a life worthy of the Savior. The chapters include things like: Through Christ our Mediator, With Christ our Secret, and For Christ our Lover. The book is quite short, 128 pages, and each paragraph contains something worth pondering. It was really good for bedtime reading, because I could read just a little bit, and then have a fruitful matter to think over as I fell asleep. I highly recommend this book. This book has caused me to meditate often on Christ and how essential He is to my (and every Christian’s) life.



I know it seems like my blog as become all Luke all the time, but there are other aspects of my life, and I have pictures to share with you! I usually get to do a bit of crafting each day, depending on how busy we are, and whether or not I’m home during nap time and after Luke goes to sleep. I so enjoy making pretty, useful treasures. It’s nice to do something that makes progress and doesn’t have to be done again tomorrow.

Here’s what I’ve been making:

Mr. Greenjeans Sweater in Simply Soft (again). I’m really excited about how this is turning out. I’m DEE-lighted with the cables! So far, the pattern has been clear and easy, and I’m hopeful that this will turn out wearable. We’ll see. Bret picked out the yarn and color, and I’m liking it a lot.  Here’s a picture of the cables:

Aren’t they lovely?

I’m also knitting socks! Yay! I’m not so fond of the feel of this sock yarn, although I do like the colors, blue and brown! The yarn is Bernat Sox, and it feels pretty rough, but I’m hoping it will soften when I was them. I’m making basic ribbed socks, and really liking them so far. This is the first sock, in progress. I tried to make another pattern, but I didn’t like it, and I made several mistakes, so I ripped that out and I’m really liking this rendition.

Finally, this weekend, I’m gotten to make some little surprises for people I love. And… I have a teaser for you! Look what I’m making!

These are both in crochet. I hadn’t crocheted in a while, because I’d been knitting garments, and it was so fun to have the hook in my hand again. I feel like I can be more creative with crochet, and I enjoy trying new things in crochet better than in knitting. Knitting still makes me a little nervous: all those stitches that could suddenly and disastrously unravel. Anyway, I think I’m going to remember that I like to crochet and pick up the hook more often.

Luke’s Sweater


I knitted this baby sweater pattern for my new little niece (blogged here), and I liked it so much that I decided to make one for Luke. I made the 12-24 month size, and I think it will be perfect for this winter.

DSCN4285 by you.

It’s made out of Caron Simply Soft yarn. I’ve found that if you wash the garment, the yarn softens up. My favorite part of this sweater is the buttons. I inherited them from my great-grandmother, and I like that my son is wearing something that once belonged to her. 

DSCN4288 by you.

I guess he likes the buttons, too.