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July Garden Update (or Why No Tomatoes?!?!)



Our garden continues to grow like crazy. The plants are getting bigger and bigger, but not producing very many vegetables. The herbs are doing great, so we’re enjoying those quite a lot! I love running out and grabbing some fresh herbs to add to whatever I’m cooking. And the flavor is so delicious!


The tomato plants don’t look very healthy anymore. And their few flowers have mostly fallen off without forming any fruit. Sad days! I wanted fresh cherry tomatoes most of everything we planted. I’m not sure what’s wrong with them, so if anyone has suggestions, please share!


A few yellow cherry tomatoes have grown, and Luke particularly loves to pick and eat them.


The zuchinni has produced some squash and we have very much enjoyed eating them. Anna even likes sauteed zuchinni.

The cucumber plant has a lot of pretty flowers, but no fruit. It struggled desperately to survive our strange spring weather, so I’m glad to at least see the flowers. But I wonder if it will get too hot for the plant.

I was thinking this year would be a learning year, and so I’m not too disappointed that we haven’t had great production. I still really enjoy the garden, and like checking it and trying to figure out how to grow vegetables out of the dirt. Its pretty amazing that the Lord produces edible and delicious food out of dirt.


It’s a Real Garden


May GardenAfter many years of interesting attempts container gardening, we have an actual, in the ground garden. I am so thankful for our yard! It’s not huge, so we picked out a corner for a raised bed. It’s 3 ft x 8 ft and get shade in the late afternoon, which is really good because of how blazing hot it gets here in the summer.


We all have had a blast leveling the ground, building the raised bed, adding the soil, planning and planting. We used a mixture of compost and expanded shale for the soil, and so far it seems to be supporting the plants very well. The boys loved the digging and dirt preparation, and now they like going to check on the garden, and love eating the spinach and herbs that we’ve been able to enjoy already. We have three tomato plants, one poor little cucumber, one zuchinni, some spinach, carrots, cilantro, basil, oregano, and thyme.


The tomatoes and zuchinni have blooms on them! Yay! I cannot wait to eat some of those tomatoes with some fresh basil.

We’ve learned a few things that I want to remember:

  1. Never, ever plant before Easter (in our area). The weather is going to get nice, and I’m for sure going to want to plant things, but just don’t! We planted all our plants a few weeks before Easter, and one very cold night found us outside trying to protect the little seedlings. And that didn’t even work, so we had to replant some things.
  2. Cucumbers, while one of my favorite salad ingredients, are awfully persnickety plants.
  3. It’s really easy to over-water vegetables. It’s so funny that in wanting to care for the plants, I can be too attentive, and flood them out.
  4. The fickle-ness of the weather has reminded me that the Lord supplies all our needs, and that even though most of our food comes from a store, it is still His mercy that provides the rain for the farm-grown food.



I’m pretty sure this is a crazy idea, but I figured I might as well try. If it doesn’t work, I haven’t lost anything, and at least I’ve made myself laugh at this random project. So here’s the story: My sweet husband got roses for me a few weeks ago.They were very beautiful, and lived for quite a while in their vase. They actually started sprouting new leaves, and that gave me the idea to put them in some dirt and see if they’ll sprout. You can root roses that way, and I’ve done it with cuttings before, but there are quite a few things that aren’t quite right this time. For one, it’s the wrong time of year (way too hot!), and there aren’t any grown up leaves on the stalks.

So it looks like I have sticks in the dirt and some with jars over them. It just makes me laugh, but it’ll be fun if the Lord causes some plants to grow from them. What do you think? Will it work, or am I just silly?

Winter is Over!


At least, my family has declared that winter must be over. We’ll see how effective that is… Yesterday was just a perfect spring day, so in the morning, we bought and planted our mini container garden for this year. As I think I’ve said before, gardening is something Bret and I enjoy doing together, and we’re excited to get Luke involved this year.

He had a great time picking out the plants and digging in the dirt.

Levi and I worked really, really hard! I did get up and help some after this, but somebody has to feed and cuddle that baby.

The space we have open for planting is a small flowerbed in front of the porch and a bunch of pots. For now, the flowerbed is just flowers, so we bought a variety of flowers to try out this year. We’ve never grown any of these before, but I’m excited about all of them. In addition to the flowers you can see up there, we also got a jasmine vine, and I’m so enjoying the sweet fragrance. We also planted two different kinds of peppers and two kinds of tomatoes, a few strawberry plants, and some basil. It’s fun to see Luke get excited about eating strawberries off the plants.

Luke got a special treat, and he kept cracking us up by calling it his “fertilizer”! I didn’t even know he knew the word fertilizer.

Later in the day, we enjoyed sitting outside, and also grilled burgers, which MUST mean winter is over, right?

My Poor Garden


This past month, we’ve experienced the coldest weather I’ve ever lived through. This isn’t saying much, as I grew up in the tropics, but it was still co-old for this area. We had snow three (3!) different days! And a week of sub-freezing temperatures. I went into hibernation mode, and didn’t leave the house that whole time, I think.

And… my poor potted plants. They are totally not used to that kind of weather. We don’t have any space inside to bring them in, so I bundled them up in blankets and towels up close to the house, but they look like this now:

Some of them are going to make it, I think, but some of them may have seen their last sunlight.

I don’t really know how to tell if they’re dead or not, except to wait and see what happens as it warms up and they get more water and sun. Does anyone know?

Playing Outside


As Luke is getting more and more active, and full of energy, we’ve been spending more time outside. He loves to be outside, and will be entertained by a stick or a rock, or just walking around exploring. And I love going outside, too, so it makes a good activity for us. Here are some pictures:

DSCN4160 by you.

DSCN4163 by you.

DSCN4179 by you.