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Crafty Secrets


Almost all the crafts I’m working on are gifts. So I don’t want to write very much about them right now. BUT, I will share some pictures. I’m really enjoying making all of these, and can’t wait to give them away!


French Press Cozy


My sweet sisters gave me a french press for Christmas, and I have completely been enjoying drinking my coffee from it. I am, however, a slow coffee drinker, and the coffee in the press would usually be cold by the time I came back for my second cup. So… daa ta daa… I must make a cozy! I was a little bit silly-excited about making this. I just used yarn I had leftover from a sweater I made for Levi and crocheted my way to a little cozy.

My two favorite parts of this cozy (besides the hot coffee) are the embroidery and the buttons. The embroidery says Eucharisteo which means “Give thanks!” I figured I could use a reminder each morning as I pour my coffee that my Father lavishes good gifts on me and my proper response is thanksgiving. This is a theme in my new favorite book, and I’m trying to really be conscious of all the good gifts God gives each moment. I like the buttons because they belonged to my great-grandmother, and even though I never really knew her, I think it’s neat that I get to use something that was hers. So there ya go, a reminder to set my heart on God, using leftover yarn and antique buttons, and hot coffee in the morning all in one quick, little cozy.

Finished Afghan!


Praise the creative Maker for enabling me to finish this afghan so quickly, especially after the yarn fiasco, while still wife-ing a busy husband and mothering two boys. I love how this blanket turned out, and I had a hard time giving it up, but I was so excited for our church’s women’s retreat and glad to contribute in a way that the Lord has gifted me. It’s such a blessing to be able to use this aspect of His image in me for the building up of the body. Here’s how it turned out:

I used this tutorial, I’ve made another afghan with it and I was pleased both times. I love how neat and wavy it turns out. The directions don’t have any numbers, so I began with 140 stitches plus 3 for the turning chain. This ended up making an afghan that is 36 inches wide, just right for a cuddly couch blanket.

I had a great time making this, because I got to just pick colors that I like. Usually I make things as gifts or trying to use what I have on hand, and this time I got to go to the store and just pick colors that I like and that I think compliment each other. So much fun! Here it is all tied up and ready to go!

Crochet Robot


So, in the wide world of crafts, and maybe just “cute” in general, there is always more for girls than for boys. It’s true. And as the mama of some precious boys, I want to make stuff for them. So, as part of a little Valentine’s fun for Luke, I made him a lovey robot! And I’m so pleased with it. Want to see?

Luke likes him too!

Would you like to make one too?

Crochet Robot Tutorial

You need:

  • a little bit of the main color worsted weight yarn (grey for me) and an even smaller bit of the contrast yarn (red for me). I think any weight would work, just make sure you change the hook size accordingly
  • a G hook (4.00 mm)
  • some black and red embroidery thread
  • something to stuff him with (I used yarn scraps and lentils inside a scrap of old tights)

Here’s what you do:

For the head & body:

  1. With grey, make a magic loop, make 6 sc in the magic loop. Tighten that up. 6 sts. I put a paper clip stitch marker at the end of each round, so I don’t have to count as often.
  2. 2 sc in each sc around. 12 sts.
  3. Switch to red, sc in each sc around. 12 sts. To switch colors, in the last sc of old color, pull up a loop with the old color and then use the new color to finish the stitch.
  4. Change back to grey, sc2tog around, 6 sts. Sc2tog means: Insert your hook into the stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all three loops on the hook. At this point, stuff the little ball at the top of the antenna.
  5. Sc around. 6 sts.
  6. Sc around. 6 sts.
  7. Sc around. 6 sts.
  8. 2 sc in each sc around. 12 sts.
  9. *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next sc; repeat from * around. 18 sts
  10. *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc; repeat from * around. 24 sts.
  11. *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc; repeat from * around. 30 sts.
  12. Sc around.
  13. Sc around.
  14. Sc around.
  15. Sc around. 30 sts
  16. *dc2tog in first sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc; repeat from * around. 24 sts.
  17. *dc2tog in first sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc; repeat from * around. 18 sts.
  18. *dc2tog in first sc, 1 sc in next sc; repeat from * around. 12 sts. Stuff the head.
  19. *dc2tog all around. 6 sts. This completes the head.
  20. Sc around. 6 sts.
  21. 2 sc in each sc around. 12 sts.
  22. Sc around.
  23. *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next sc; repeat from * around. 18 sts.
  24. Switch to red. Sc around.
  25. Sc around.
  26. Switch to grey. Sc around. 18 sts.
  27. Switch to red. Sc around.
  28. Switch to grey. Sc around. 18 sts.
  29. *2 sc in first sc, a sc in next 2 sc; repeat from * around. 24 sts.
  30. Sc around.
  31. Sc around.
  32. Sc around.
  33. *sc2tog, sc in next 2 sc; repeat from * around. 18 sts.
  34. *sc2tog, sc in next sc; repeat from * around. 12 sts.
  35. Sc around. 12 sts. Stuff the top of the body with your stuffing/yarn scraps. Make a little bag with the tights and fill it with lentils or something heavy, put that in the bottom of the body. This helps the robot sit up, since the head is bigger than the body.
  36. Sc2tog around. 6 sts. Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Pull the long tail through all of the stitches to cinch them up tight. Weave in the end.

For the arms (Make 2):

  1. With red, make a magic loop, 6 sc in loop.
  2. Sc in each sc around.
  3. Sc2tog around. 3 sts. Stuff the hand a little if you need to.
  4. Switch to gret, sc in each sc around.
  5. Sc in each sc around.
  6. Sc in each sc around. Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Use the tail to join the arms to the body on the sides, at the top red stripe.

For the legs (Make 2):

  1. With red, make a magic loop, 8 sc in loop.
  2. Sc in each sc around.
  3. Sc2tog around. 4 sts. Stuff the foot a bit if needed.
  4. Switch to grey. Sc in each sc around.
  5. Sc in each sc around.
  6. Sc in each sc around.
  7. Sc in each sc around.
  8. Sc in each sc around. Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Use the tail to join the legs to the body at the bottom front.

For the face:

Use the black embroidery thread to stitch on eyes, and use the red to make a mouth. You could use buttons for the eyes if you’re not making this for a little one; I chose not to, because you never know what’s going to end up in someone’s mouth around here.

Is that everything? If you try to make this, and have questions or something isn’t clear, please leave a comment! I’ll do my best to help you out.






    So I agreed to make an afghan as a door prize for a church function. I wanted to get started right away, since I don’t have a whole lot of time to work on it. Somehow little boys don’t get too interested in letting Mama sit and crochet. Anyway, I decided to use some yarn I had leftover from previous projects, so I could get started quickly, and also to help with the cost. I began to crochet this so pretty, girly, afghan.

    And then the yarn ran out.

    No big deal, right? I’ll just get some more. Except, they apparently don’t make that color anymore! Believe me, I looked online and visited several craft stores. So this afghan is uncompleteable (obviously, a word I just created). I’m kind of disappointed, but I think I’ll use what I do have for a Valentine’s table runner.

    And I was able to get enough skeins of some new colors to begin the afghan.

    I’m super excited about these colors! I was wanting to make the afghan somewhat like this to begin with, but didn’t have the yarn, so now I get too. We’ll just have to see if I can bear to give it away…

    Action Shots


    Here are some pictures of a few of the things I made for Levi, actually being modeled by his cute little self. I love getting to cuddle him up in little gifts made with love just for him.

    I don’t think I blogged about these booties. I made them right before Levi was born, with yarn left over from some ribbed socks I made for myself about a year ago. They were super quick and fun to knit, and look cu-ute, but they don’t stay on very well. I keep trying them on him to see if they’ll fit better, but they always fall off.

    Here’s the baby cable hat! And here’s the hexagon blankie! I love both of these, and look forward to using them more as it continues to get colder.

    He’s such a sweet, content baby and is bringing such happiness and enjoyment to our family. I’m so thankful for him.



    I finished a couple of projects for Baby Levi! This is his blankie. I crocheted one for Luke, when I was pregnant with him, which didn’t get used very often, because summer in Texas negates any need for a blankie. But Levi, being a fall baby, hopefully will get to use this one a lot. I had a great time making this! I love the colors, and I loved getting to play with each hexagon. I picked the colors as I went, just choosing whatever I wanted, and that was fun! I used this pattern for the hexagons, and I loved joining them together as I went. Well, I really loved not having to sew them together at the end.

    The next two projects are a matching hat and sweater that are a little bigger than the tiny green sweater. I’m super pleased with these, too.

    Both the hat and sweater are free patterns (don’t ya love the interwebs?). I love the grey and red together, too! Both of these were simple to knit, and I didn’t have any of my usual knitting drama. It’s nice, too, because baby clothes knit pretty quickly because they’re so small. I can’t wait to see my new little man in this outfit in the winter.

    I love getting to take the time to hand-craft for my sons. It gives me concentrated time to pray for them, to thank God for them, and to rejoice in His good gifts to me. I also hope it helps them know that Mama loves them and that I’m glad to spend myself for their good.