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Here are a few of my favorite sites on the great world wide web:


I love this website because it has alot of international recipes, and a great rating system. Everything I’ve tried off of it has been good! You can search by ingredients, or type or food, or meal, or ease of preparation. Its great!

Crochet patterns:

This pattern website has alot of new, and more modern-looking patterns. It has also be recently redone to include a forum, and a way for members to post their own patterns. I really like to look on there, and be inspired


Reliable international news, need I say more?


This is a family of 4 ladies that take time to address the different issues that women deal with. They strive to have a godly, practical mindset in all of life, and help me so much to live that way also.

Pregancy info:

This website is not a cutsy or fun as other pregnancy sites, but it does have more reliable and thorough information. Its been really helpful for me.


This is the Home Depot gardening page, but I’ve found it extremely helpful in expanding my miniscule gardening knowledge. You can even send in questions, and a ‘gardening expert” will reply to your specific query.


Christmas Gift Ideas


This fun sewing and fabric blog is having a series of ideas for cute, homemade gifts all through the month of November. You should check it out!

On the sneak peak schedule, some of the ideas are things like aprons, tote bags, baby blankets, things for the kitchen, tech gifts… Looks really good to me!

Eating for the Glory of God?



The wonderful ladies over at the girltalk blog are doing a series on eating and being healthy (check it out here) for the purpose of bringing honor to God. They are starting with an interview of two people that have studied and taught on what it looks like for the people of God to worship the Lord through what we eat and drink. I am really excited to learn from them, especialy because I’ve found it hard to discover God’s perspective on eating, much less maintain that perspective in my own life. I see believers who overeat, who have eating disorders, who make “healthy eating” an obsession and an idol, who eat to appease emotions… but I haven’t found many Christians who approach eating and food as a means to bring honor and glory to our God, the one who made our bodies, and food for them. I want to learn how to do this, how to be healthy for the sake of bringing glory to my Lord, how to enjoy food as His good gift to me, how to use it for the purpose for which it was intended, and no other. There are so many ways to be disobediant in this area, and so much deep rooted sin and selfishness in my heart, that it is a struggle for me to approach this in a God-centered, Jesus-exalting way. I am hopeful that the truths presented in this series will help teach me how to pursue godliness in what I eat.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

Wisdom from an Excellent Wife


A very wise lady from my old church is doing a series on her blog about some of the practical homemaking wisdom she’s gathered from being a wife and mom in a large family. I love this lady because she seeks the Lord and His will for her life, and then is deliberate about obeying. She’s posted on laundry, exercise, healthy eating, and toy organization. The two on exercise and healthy eating were very helpful to me, because I rebel against working out to look good, and I struggle with replacing that with the desire to honor my God by caring for my body. Make sure you read the comments as well, there’s lots of helpful info in them also.