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My New Favorite Book


… which I haven’t actually read yet. The Lord lead me to a blog about a year and a half ago, and I’ve been encouraged, taught, and convicted by it almost daily ever since. The blog is A Holy Experience, and the author, Ann Voskamp, has just released her book! The title is One Thousand Gifts; it chronicles Ann’s journey (and fight) for joy and how constant, consistent  thankfulness to God changed her heart. I began my Thankfulness posts after reading of Ann’s intentionality to count the ways the Father blesses her.

I had it on preorder, something that I’ve never done before, and it came in the mail this weekend. I’ve just kind of nibbled on the beginning of the book, but I’m gladly anticipating some time to sit down and really read it. I’m hesitant to recommend a book I haven’t actually read yet, but the Lord has used Ann Voskamp’s writing for good in my heart so often. She loves Jesus, writes poignantly, and speaks the truth with gentleness. So I feel pretty confident that this book is going to live up to my expectations, and I have some great expectations! Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite.

I’m going to be reading along with this book club. And I’m excited to hear Ann’s own elaboration on what she’s written, as well as learning how the book impacts other women.

If you decide to read it, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and reactions!


Little Reader


DSCN4099 by you.

DSCN4104 by you.

One of my favorite parts of Luke’s developing personality is his enjoyment of books. He loves to read with Mama or Daddy, or anyone who will read to him. He will also just sit by himself and look at the pictures in a book.  Although he’s a busy, curious, active boy (within 10 minutes today, he dunked my pjs in the toilet, and unrolled the toilet paper!), he will gladly sit still for quite a while looking at books.

In encouraging Luke to enjoy reading and to value learning, I have been greatly aided by Gladys Hunt’s book Honey for a Child’s Heart. I stumbled (by sweet Providence) on this book in the public library. It is a gem of a book! I haven’t read all of it, but I am definitely going to. The first section is gentle, joyful encouragement to read to children and to encourage them to read. One of the things I found particularly helpful were Hunt’s thoughts on how reading good books teaches children and can even enhance the Christ-focused shepherding of a home. The second section is an annotated bibliography of books she recommends. The book list is divided into ages and genres. This is so helpful to me! I’ve started taking a list with me when I go to the library to get books for Luke, so that I can be more certain that I’m getting books that are good for him.

Using Technology for Good


I took a little break from the internet, except for emails that Bret said I needed to read, because I can easily spend way to much time on the internet, neglecting work around the houseor even hobbies in mindless web surfing. Recently, however, I’ve come across two websites that have been particularly encouraging to me.

The first site is a blog written by a very thoughtful, intentional, Christ-seeking woman. She is a expressive, poignant, artist writer, and my heart has been stirred as I read of her daily journey with God. Click here to go and be provoked to muse over what it means to live in the presence of the Almighty God.

The other fruitful use of technology I’ve been enjoying is a podcast by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This is her website, and here’s a link directly to the podcast. I’ve really been encouraged and convicted as I listen to her teach God’s Word. Each podcast is about half an hour long, so I can listen to them while I’m making dinner or ironing. This is a good way for me to hear Christ-centered teaching as I care for my son and husband.

Also, the girltalk bloggers have been doing a series on living to the glory of God as a young mother, which is especially relevant to me right now. There’s a link to their site on the sidebar. I’ve found their book recommendations really helpful.

Book Giveaway


No, I’m not giving anything away, but this is even better. The author of a blog that I enjoy and read often, has just published a book and she’s giving it away. This woman is the homeschooling mother of ten kids, just helped plan her oldest daughter’s wedding, and still finds time to blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading about their family and the journey the Lord has led them on with their children, some of whom are adopted. This is what she says about the book, ” A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family shares the story of the growth of our family, as well as the hints and tricks I’ve learned over the years that help me stay sane as a mother of many.  I’d never claim to have all the answers, but having a large family has forced me to become more efficient.”  Click here to go to the post about the giveaway.

Sewing for the Home Month


The Sew, Mama, Sew blog is having a great series for the month of September on sewing fun accessories for the home. Click here to go directly to that series. There are great tutorials, as well as fun fabric ideas. So far I’ve wanted to make pretty much everything they’ve posted! To bad my crafty to-do list is longer than I’ll probably be able to do in my lifetime. 🙂

I love that I can use crafting to make our home more warm, welcoming, and home-y without spending tons of money. I do have to remind myself, however, that basic things like making sure the house is clean, and dishes are washed, and meals are ready have to come before the fun things like sewing pretty things.

Confession Time


Hi, my name is Rachel, and I really, really like aprons. I wear them WHENEVER I cook, and also for doing dishes and house-cleaning. 🙂 This is partly because they’re pretty, and make those jobs much more fun, and partly because in my pre-apron days I always ended up with food or dishwater on my clothes. And now, The Apronista is giving away a really cute and pretty apron. Check out the post here.

Good Valentine’s Posts


The Lord has blessed me by putting me in contact with women who strive to approach everything in life with godly wisdom. Some of them I know and some I’ve just encountered through their blogs. Today, several of them posted about Valentine’s Day. They each come at this emotion-fraught holiday from different angles, but all are full of wisdom and right thinking. Its well worth your while to read them:

Girl Talk