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July Garden Update (or Why No Tomatoes?!?!)



Our garden continues to grow like crazy. The plants are getting bigger and bigger, but not producing very many vegetables. The herbs are doing great, so we’re enjoying those quite a lot! I love running out and grabbing some fresh herbs to add to whatever I’m cooking. And the flavor is so delicious!


The tomato plants don’t look very healthy anymore. And their few flowers have mostly fallen off without forming any fruit. Sad days! I wanted fresh cherry tomatoes most of everything we planted. I’m not sure what’s wrong with them, so if anyone has suggestions, please share!


A few yellow cherry tomatoes have grown, and Luke particularly loves to pick and eat them.


The zuchinni has produced some squash and we have very much enjoyed eating them. Anna even likes sauteed zuchinni.

The cucumber plant has a lot of pretty flowers, but no fruit. It struggled desperately to survive our strange spring weather, so I’m glad to at least see the flowers. But I wonder if it will get too hot for the plant.

I was thinking this year would be a learning year, and so I’m not too disappointed that we haven’t had great production. I still really enjoy the garden, and like checking it and trying to figure out how to grow vegetables out of the dirt. Its pretty amazing that the Lord produces edible and delicious food out of dirt.