I finished a couple of projects for Baby Levi! This is his blankie. I crocheted one for Luke, when I was pregnant with him, which didn’t get used very often, because summer in Texas negates any need for a blankie. But Levi, being a fall baby, hopefully will get to use this one a lot. I had a great time making this! I love the colors, and I loved getting to play with each hexagon. I picked the colors as I went, just choosing whatever I wanted, and that was fun! I used this pattern for the hexagons, and I loved joining them together as I went. Well, I really loved not having to sew them together at the end.

The next two projects are a matching hat and sweater that are a little bigger than the tiny green sweater. I’m super pleased with these, too.

Both the hat and sweater are free patterns (don’t ya love the interwebs?). I love the grey and red together, too! Both of these were simple to knit, and I didn’t have any of my usual knitting drama. It’s nice, too, because baby clothes knit pretty quickly because they’re so small. I can’t wait to see my new little man in this outfit in the winter.

I love getting to take the time to hand-craft for my sons. It gives me concentrated time to pray for them, to thank God for them, and to rejoice in His good gifts to me. I also hope it helps them know that Mama loves them and that I’m glad to spend myself for their good.


About Rachel

Most importantly, I am saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than enough to satisfy my heart. In His abundant goodness, I am also delighted to be a wife and mama. I work at home and enjoy spending most of my time caring for my husband, 2 sons and new daughter. I also try to squeeze in some creativity, coffee, chocolate, and good books.

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