Book Review~ 100 Cupboards


On a very different note from my last book review, I finished this:

100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson: Book Cover

I’ve been hearing reading on the vast interwebs a lot about this book, well really, I just keep coming across passing allusions to it, and I was curious. So I checked it out from the library. Here are some things that made me interested in this book:

  • The author, N.D. Wilson, is the son of the well-known and somewhat controversial, theologian Douglas Wilson and authoress Nancy Wilson. I wanted to see what kind of fiction writing would come out of the family.
  • I like fantasy literature, especially stories with Christian tones, like the Narnia books.
  • With an eye to the future, I’m already thinking about what books I’ll want my children to read and have read to them.

I really liked reading 100 Cupboards. It’s definitely for young readers, so it’s easy reading, but the story is enjoyable. Wilson’s writing is fun to read, and there are some quirky details that add a humorous side to the mystery of the story. It’s very clear that this is the first book in the series, and it takes a while setting the stage and acquainting the reader to the characters. I felt like some depth and explanation was lacking, but I’m hoping that will become clear in the next book of the trilogy, Dandelion Fire.


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Most importantly, I am saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than enough to satisfy my heart. In His abundant goodness, I am also delighted to be a wife and mama. I work at home and enjoy spending most of my time caring for my husband, 2 sons and new daughter. I also try to squeeze in some creativity, coffee, chocolate, and good books.

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