I’m Back!


I’m sorry, friends, that I’ve been away so long. I really enjoy blogging and I love communicating with you in the comments, but I just haven’t really made sitting down and writing a priority. Part of it is the time factor, part of it is that I haven’t had much to say, and part of it is that I got out of the habit. But I’m hoping to begin posting again more regularly.

Here’s a bit of an update:

  • Luke turned 2!

  • Although he’s beginning to exert his will, Luke is still a joyful, hilarious blessing! He loves to read, color, build with blocks, play in the water, fix with his tools, play his little keyboard, and take apart the couch to make houses.

  • We’ve been busy this summer with various family happenings and were blessed to get to see lots of my extended family.
  • I’m expecting our second son! Luke’s baby brother will be here around the middle of October. We’re excited and thankful for this new life.
  • I’ve been crafting for the new baby, but several things have been failures! A hat way to small, shoes that the pieces don’t fit together… so you may or may not get to see anything I make for this baby.
  • I finished War of Words by Paul David Tripp and can’t recommend it highly enough. Go read it now!
  • I’m not going to finish Teaching Them Young by Chuck Betters because it’s not really applicable to our family right now, and I didn’t agree with some of what he was teaching.
  • I’m excited to be blogging again! Look for some more posts coming soon.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading your blog. Glad your back!!
    Love the pictures of Luke!

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