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This time I got to read “Midnight in Madrid” by Noel Hynd.  This is my first time to read and review a Christian fiction book. I did enjoy reading this book. It’s kind of in the suspense, Bourne-series genre. I didn’t find the book explicitly Christian, although the main character occasionally reflects on her faith. I did appreciate that much of the extraneous violence, cursing, and sex were left out. I enjoyed the suspense and the curiosity that it raised in me, without having to worry that I was filling my mind with wrong things. All in all, I think I would recommend this book as a fun, engaging read, but with the understanding that it does not have much Christian depth or doctrine.

Here’s a little blurb to tease your curiosity:

When a mysterious relic is stolen from a Madrid museum, people are dying to discover its secrets. Literally.

U.S. Treasury agent Alexandra LaDuca returns from Conspiracy in Kiev to track down the stolen artwork, a small carving called The Pieta of Malta. It seems to be a simple assignment, but nothing about this job is simple, as the mysteries and legends surrounding the relic become increasingly complex with claims of supernatural power.

As aggressive, relentless, and stubborn as ever, Alex crisscrosses Europe through a web of intrigue, danger, and betrayal, joined by a polished, mysterious new partner. With echoes of classic detective and suspense fiction from The Maltese Falcon to The Da Vinci Code, Midnight in Madrid takes the reader on a nonstop spellbinding chase through a modern world of terrorists, art thieves, and cold-blooded killers.

You can purchase the book here and read more about the author here.


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