Rose Cuttings


I’m feeling all spring-y and ready to garden. The first project that I was able to do is a really simple, free, and easy one. We live in a triplex, and the unit next to us is empty, and has two beautiful rose bushes, which are both different from the roses that are already in front of our place. So, I’m thinking free roses, if I can get cuttings from them to root and grow. One is a very pretty pink, and right now its *covered* with flowers.

DSCN3696 by you.

The other bush has a lovely red flower, and actually smells good (like a rose is supposed to).

DSCN3694 by you.

Here’s what I did to start out my very own little roses:

1) Cut a stalk from the rose bush about 6-12 inches long. I read that its best to use branches that have already flowered, but are not too old.
2) Remove the lower leaves, but make sure to leave some leaves at the top.
3) Stick the cutting down in some dirt. I used little 6-inch pots leftover from an ill-fated herb growing adventure.
4) Water it very thoroughly.
5) Stick a jar over the top of the cutting. This supposedly keeps the are more humid and helps the plant to grow better.

DSCN3693 by you.

I’m really hoping this works! There were some rose bushes here when we moved in; I’ve found that they are pretty hardy and not as finicky as their reputation seems to imply. I’ll let you know how it works.


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  1. I love that you used jars! All the instructions I read said to use plastic bags. I would rather use the jars!

    My roses are just starting to flower.

    I was just thinking about trying this again this afternoon!

    I’ll add it to my list of things to do tomorrow!

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