As you know, I’ve been attempting to re-teach myself to knit, as well as learning some new techniques. So I have been trying interminably to make a hat by knitting in the round. I have started and ripped it out at least SIX times! So in frustration, I set it aside for a while, and now I’m trying again.

DSCN3583 by you.

Its going much better this time, and I’m attempting …. dum da dum… double pointed needles! So far its been better then the circular needls, the knitting seems to fit better on them. We’ll see how it turns out. This is a free baby hat pattern from here. I think its really cute, and hope I can actually make it.


About Rachel

Most importantly, I am saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than enough to satisfy my heart. In His abundant goodness, I am also delighted to be a wife and mama. I work at home and enjoy spending most of my time caring for my husband, 2 sons and new daughter. I also try to squeeze in some creativity, coffee, chocolate, and good books.

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  1. yahoooooo! You remind me of my mother….who kept on trying until she learned the task at hand! Looking forward to the finished product! 🙂

  2. Hi there! Just a note on the knitting, that may (or may not) help. When knitting on the round, it’s very important to make sure your 1st row is not twisted before you start your 2nd row. Not sure if you tried that or not..otherwise, it will end in disaster. Also, did you place your circular needles in some boiling water before using them? Do it for less than a minute and it helps to loosen up the stiff, windy plastic portion. It becomes more malleable and you can try to just “straighten” it out a little more with your hand after boiling.

  3. Thank you so much for the tips! I knew that you had to make sure the knitting wasn’t twisted when knitting in the round, but I couldn’t seem to actually accomplish a straight around join. So that was part of my problem. And the circular needles were VERY twisty, so I’ll have to try putting them in hot water.

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