Hints for Quiet Time


Lately, I’ve been struggling with being consistent and focused in my time with Jesus. I know that its SO important to spend time in the Bible and prayer regularly, and I want that, but I have not been doing well at actually DOING it! The Lord providentially had me read these paragraphs from a great book by Elisabeth Elliot called Keep a Quiet Heart.

Here are Elliot’s tips for reading Scripture:
“Pray, first, for the Holy Spirit’s teaching. Read a few verses, a paragraph, or a chapter. Then ask, What does this passage teach me about: (1) God, (2) Jesus, (3) the Holy Spirit, (4) myself, (5) sins to confess or avoid, (6) commands to obey, (7) what Christian love is?”

She also recommends keeping a journal as a record of God’s faithfulness. This is what she suggests could be included:
“1. Lessons learned from your reading of Scripture.
2. Ways in which you intend to apply those lessons in your own life.
3. Dialogues with the Lord.
4. Quotations from your spiritual reading other than the Bible.
5. Prayers from the words of hymns which you want to make your own.
6. Reasons for thanksgiving.
7. Things you’re praying about.”

These quotes were from two short chapters in the book, and they are very helpful to me in that they provide some structure for thinking about the Bible and my walk with the Lord.


About Rachel

Most importantly, I am saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than enough to satisfy my heart. In His abundant goodness, I am also delighted to be a wife and mama. I work at home and enjoy spending most of my time caring for my husband, 2 sons and new daughter. I also try to squeeze in some creativity, coffee, chocolate, and good books.

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  1. Some very good tips to think about, dear! Thanks for posting!

    Perhaps some wives that visit your blog can point their husbands to glean from these as well as those mentioned in the “Baxter’s Day With God” post over at Irruption.

    I love you!


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